BUaaS & DRaaS

Guarantee the integrity and availability of your key data assets.

BUaaS and DRaaS offer reassurance that when the worst happens, you’re in the best hands to identify, remediate and report on it all afterwards.

In the worlds of cybersecurity and business, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ a cyber attack or a large-scale IT issue will happen. Preparing for these moments thoroughly and regularly will mean fewer surprises, faster reaction time and better incident isolation. 

Having an efficient business continuity plan also minimises the many financial and reputational repercussions that can ensue from any down time

Benefits & Features

Offsite File Backup

Protect critical data and avoid data loss by backing up files offsite. By having files stored in the cloud or on a server located away from the original, you’re able to mitigate risk and meet compliance requirements.

Secure recovery

All our infrastructure is regularly maintained for secure data recovery and optimised high availability.

Offsite Virtual Machine Backup

Using regular snapshots of your servers and copying them to DigitalWell’s cloud, AirGap adds another layer of security. An entirely separate server and network means that should an outage happen, the managed service ensures you’re up and running just like before in no time.

Offsite Disaster Recovery

Replicate your entire IT environment and store it in a secure cloud location, outside of the office or your usual sites. In the event of a critical IT disaster, all can be quickly recovered and restored with LiveRecover.

Local Server Imaging

Don’t forget server settings and applications! Data is important but so is your entire server environment for it to run on. Local server imaging allows quick restoration in the event of a system failure.

SQL Maintenance

Implementing database backups and maintenance plans ensures all critical data is backed up to local storage and online, helping to prevent corruption and business-stopping issues.

DigitalWell’s Cloud and Data Management Products

We understand the widening reliance on cloud products and solid data management. DigitalWell ensures you’re getting the most out of your cloud strategy while keeping your business secure, flexible and reliable.
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