Safeguard your voice communications infrastructure.

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Secure your telephony, contact centre, and unified comms from internal and external threats.

More than ever, communications infrastructure needs protection from a diverse range of external and internal threats, that include hacking, fraud, system misuse, nuisance callers, regulatory challenges and compliance breaches. 

siprotect is the only complete end-to-end, real-time communications and collaboration security proxy and firewall as a service solution that protects your users, network and communications platforms regardless of location, the PBX system you use, or your carrier. 

Benefits & Features

Comprehensive Voice Security

Ensure full protection across all environments - office, home, field, and contact centres. Monitor and control activity across all voice services.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Class-leading voice communication protection with MFA overlay. Prevent insurance claim issues by adhering to cyber risk compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet standards like DORA, NIS/NIS2, EU Cybersecurity Strategy, and Cyber Resilience Act to avoid fines and reputational damage.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with any standards-based VoIP vendor and VoIP/SIP trunk provider globally.

Advanced Real-time Security

Protect voice and video with VoIP and WAF firewalls and intelligent SIP proxy services. Add multi-factor authentication for enhanced security.

Scalable SaaS Solution

Geographically resilient architecture supports both private and public cloud with various connectivity options like Internet, VPN, and dedicated interconnects.