Dedicated Internet Access

Install reliable, high-performance internet for your business.

Internet access is now critical for every user on every site, and your office needs to provide this with business-grade performance and reliability. 

The growth of remote working has increased the demands on office internet connectivity as most in-person meetings now have remote joiners who need access via video. Your office connectivity needs to stand up to this kind of heavy usage from multiple users simultaneously.

DigitalWell provides business-grade internet connectivity from our own resilient backbone network, with multiple high-speed peerings that help to guarantee performance. We also provide a range of access options to suit budget and geography.

Benefits & Features

Fully scalable

Speeds can be symmetrical (same upload and download speed) or asymmetrical (faster download speed) from 2Mbs all the way up to 10G.

Reliable Infrastructure

Whatever the access method, all internet access services are run through our high-speed internet backbone and supported by our expert network monitoring and professional helpdesk services.

Any technology

Services can be delivered over any access technology to suit various budgets, throughput and performance requirements. We can also provide an array of resilience and failover options where needed: Fibre ethernet, point-point wireless, Mobile networks (3G/4G/5G), FttH/FttP/FttH & xDSL.