See real-time analytics on a single dashboard.

Real-time analytics enable your contact centre agents to respond more quickly and with more knowledge and confidence.

Analytics within your contact centre helps to avoid the elongated follow ups and assessments by managers, agents or executives with on-the-spot business intelligence and full reporting capability.

Our single dashboard removes the need to bring together reams of information from multiple applications, and offers a clean view that front-line users can understand and use. For the business analysts who want to dive deeper though, there’s plenty available for them too.

Benefits & Features

Single dashboard

The single dashboard offers a clean, simple view of headline figures and need-to-know information. It’s user-friendly and intuitive making it accessible and relevant to all employees.

Real-time = agility

Real-time analytics provides your business with agility and greater business continuity. Employees won’t be caught unaware of an internal issue mid-way through a call and can offer better, more consistent customer service knowing what is going on behind the scenes.

Knowledge is power

Analytics and reporting is key in every business’ strategy. In order to know what is working well and what is needing improvement, implementing simple but powerful analytics is a must for strong growth and competition.