Hosted PBX

Switch to a cloud-based phone system for reliability, ease of use, and effortless maintenance.

A hosted PBX is a cloud-based business phone solution, which sees minimal hardware, installation time and maintenance.

The hosted PBX utilises VoIP, PSTN or a mixture of both communication channels to make and receive calls, internally and externally. In today’s tech-driven world, going for a cloud-based solution is most common because of its resilience, flexibility and far easier hardware management.

DigitalWell understands cloud solutions are not for everyone though, and so we also offer on-premise solutions to give you the service that you need.

Benefits & Features

Managed service

Our managed service offers 24/7/365 support and bespoke SLAs for those critical environments, and with a real-time dashboard and ticketing service, you’ll always be in the know of how your request is tracking.


Our dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Ballymore proactively monitors and reacts automatically. With our own NOC, you have access to comprehensive data analytics as well as security patching and back up monitoring when the needs arise.


You’re in the best hands with our ITIL-standard helpdesk, which includes tier 1 to 4 engineers with the latest accreditations and our ISO 9001 accredited processes.


Our hosted PBX solution includes high availability of key systems and disaster recovery tools to ensure business continuity.


A hosted PBX is highly cost effective, thanks to reduced energy consumption, lower equipment costs and the option to rationalise PSTN access.


As hosted PBX is now the most common option, compatibility with your preferred vendor is easy – whether it’s Avaya, Alcatel, Cisco or Mitel.

DigitalWell’s Unified Comms Products

DigitalWell’s roots are in unified comms solutions – in all scenarios and setups, we’ve seen what works for seamless internal and external communications, and work closely with our customers to achieve that.
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