Private Cloud

Experience the freedom and flexibility of the cloud, without surrendering accountability.

We build a tailored private cloud environment for your business with high availability, consistent performance and enhanced security. 

A private cloud solution is ideal for organisations that need direct and flexible control to meet security and compliance obligations. It also provides future-proofing and easily scalable environments for a straightforward business-cloud evolution. 

The control is yours while we provide expert monitoring and support. You know exactly where your data is at all times, while we remain accountable.

Benefits & Features

Complete control

Whether it's compliance regulations or security concerns, our private cloud offers full control and management so your business knows exactly what is coming and out.

Built for you

The private cloud is designed and created to the specific infrastructure needs of your business. As you grow and the business needs evolve, so can your private cloud.

Fully managed

We oversee every aspect of your solution from one centralised location. With continuous monitoring, we take care of all infrastructure needs allowing you to efficiently distribute and scale your cloud requirements.

Responsive support

Our SLAs give you extra reassurance that our managed private cloud hosting solution is expertly supported by certified, professional technicians.

High availability

Maintain access to highly available, mission critical applications with seamless backup and failover capacities with DigitalWell. We continuously monitor your systems and can seamlessly failover in the event of any issue.

Market-Leading Infrastructure

With a long-standing vendor relationship, we run one of the largest VMWare implementations in Ireland. Our experience means we know the intricacies and flexibilities of the system, and can make it work for you.

DigitalWell’s Cloud and Data Management Products

We understand the widening reliance on cloud products and solid data management. DigitalWell ensures you’re getting the most out of your cloud strategy while keeping your business secure, flexible and reliable.
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