Contact Centre CX

Employ intelligent customer experience (CX) for superior customer engagement.

Customer loyalty hinges on great service and experience from the start, which today often means personalisation, even greater efficiency and a plethora of options to suit the customer’s preferred communication method.

More consumers are expecting and demanding a smoother and more intuitive contact centre experience, and the likelihood is many of your competitors are already on their way to meeting this. Don’t get left behind – instead, get ahead.

Contact Centre CX folds intelligence into the customer journey that your processes and employees can use for a smoother, more enjoyable experience all round.

Benefits & Features


Increase efficiency by removing time-consuming manual tasks. Instead, implement pre-recorded basic information and automate them so you can reallocate precious resources.

Unified Communication

Maximising unified communication already available can lead to better contact centre CX. Our CX solution includes messaging, calls and meetings to notify agents of employee presence, which allows for faster answers and eliminates the need to call the customer back later.

One system

Using a centralised system removes the need for multiple credentials for multiple platforms. Instead, agents are able to access all they need from one place improving operational efficiency and removing the need for extra patching and security updates.