Maximise the security and performance of your network.

DigitalWell SD-WAN Hero Image

SD-WAN enables you to adapt your network to meet the needs of your distributed, SaaS and cloud-centric system, while maintaining privacy and security.

As workflows and technologies have changed, intelligent routing protocols ensure that different types of traffic follow the best-performing path for ultimate productivity.

DigitalWell’s SD-WAN services can be teamed with our DIA services for centralised integration and management, or overlaid on your existing internet services from another ISP. Leave us to design, implement and support the service, and we can even integrate with an existing DigitalWell MPLS VPN for hybrid solutions for your business.

Benefits & Features

Smart agility

Integrate SD-WAN into your network infrastructure and unlock the power of smart agility. In a rapidly changing landscape of cloud-based applications, SD-WAN ensures your traffic takes the most efficient path, promoting seamless workflow.

Optimise user experience

Local internet breakout and dynamic routing algorithms maximise internet performance, allowing your team to access critical resources swiftly.

Greater security

SD-WAN is secure. Enterprise-grade encryptions protect your data as it traverses the Internet and the cloud. Application-aware policies enhance security, fortifying your digital operations.