Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Automate authentication and swiftly guide customers to the right place.

IVR is an automated voice system, which makes for a simpler and more efficient customer service experience.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) includes a pre-recorded voice that passes customers through security and directs their call to the right department through a series of questions and answers.

The interaction provides a human element that helps preserve engagement and brand reputation, while saving both your customer and business time and resources by swiftly moving through basic administrative details.

Benefits & Features

Increased revenue

Installing IVR helps to save on valuable resources spent on administrative and functional tasks. Automating these elements enables your business to reallocate staff and direct productivity into more revenue generating areas.

Greater efficiency

IVR is a more efficient way to engage your customers for some of the light-touch aspects in your contact centre; for example, checking a bank balance. Our solution’s efficiency lies in its accuracy, checks and strict rules in order to pass through to the next stage.

Consistent brand

DigitalWell’s IVR is customisable so it can sound and feel the same as if speaking to a live agent, and its automated offering provides consistency to your brand and experience for your customers.