LAN & WiFi

Set up your business for maximum productivity.

Made up of cables, access points, switches, routers and more, your LAN setup is the heart of your office, and determines productivity levels. 

A Local Area Network (LAN) enables all devices – from phones to servers – to connect to the internet and with so much relying on connectivity today, getting this set up correctly is crucial for maximum efficiency and operational resilience.

But, what is a LAN without WiFi? Strong, reliable WiFi is necessary as connectivity is needed (and expected) in all corners of the workplace today, particularly with the increase in flexible working and hotdesking options. Wireless connectivity is no doubt the preferred choice for the more nomadic workforce.

Benefits & Features

Ready to go

Finish the final part of the new office set up, so that your team can access all they need from day one.

Expert installation

A consistent WiFi connection around a building or office relies on expert installers and the best equipment for your needs.

Perfect pairing

When a LAN and WiFI network are designed together and work in sync, your business flourishes. All factors are considered so there are no loose ends or connections.