Voice Recording

Monitor quality and remain compliant in all your calls.

Recording and archiving customer interactions is a necessity today, from both compliance and competition standpoints. The key is to do it intelligently. 

Voice recording helps your business to ensure consistent, high standards are maintained for the end customer as well as your agents, and it can contribute to staff training. Knowing how you’re measuring in customer interactions helps to inform business improvements and changes.

In addition, as GDPR and PCI DSS are in full swing, it’s key to ensure voice recording is implemented correctly in your business for easy and secure search systems.

Benefits & Features

Compliance maintenance

Data regulation is critical but it can be difficult to keep on top of. Our use of the PCI Security Standards Council helps inform our customers of the most up to date information, while GDPR compliance is continually maintained.

Identify opportunities

Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities in real-time, and make improvements driven by automated processes that are based on 100% of calls compared to just random sampling.

Managed Service

Our managed service offers 24/7/365 support and bespoke SLAs for those critical environments. Also, with a real-time dashboard and ticketing service, you’ll always be in the know of how your request is tracking.


You’re in the best hands with our ITIL-standard helpdesk, which includes tier 1 to 4 engineers with the latest accreditations and our ISO 9001-accredited processes.

Quality monitoring

The ability to leverage a quality management solution to reach the entire workforce and drive operational enhancements offers a commanding competitive advantage – for customers and staff retention alike.