Predictive Engagement

Stay one step ahead so your customers are always fully served.

Predictive engagement employs smart technology to help agents deliver the best customer service to your customers.

With the use of AI, digital insights from real-time engagement and assessment of intentions and behaviours, the customer journey can be personalised to help avoid abandoned carts, service requests or customer questions.

The key is the balance of serving the customer and the agent, so both can efficiently make fully informed decisions to progress to the next desired and logical stage. We help you to take true advantage of data, analytics and reports so your business gets smarter and understands the customer needs more fully.

Benefits & Features

Analytics and reporting

AI and machine learning use previous experience to inform future ones with analytics and reporting at the heart of the changes. Both give concrete insights into the methods that have been most successful or unsuccessful in terms of engagement and sales fulfilment.

Recognising behaviour patterns and probabilities

Predictive engagement is based on behaviour patterns and probabilities on particular outcomes. Identifying these quickly within the engagement cycle can help drive results, and allows for additional automation to be implemented for greater efficiency without a compromise to service.

Real-time engagement scoring

Target customers and optimise the engagement in real-time by equipping your agents with clearer indicators. Our engagement scoring uses probabilities instead of inflexible rules making for a more human and agile interaction.