SIP & ISDN Trunking

Get one-stop-shop telephony from a provider you can trust.

As a full-service telco, DigitalWell can provide SIP & ISDN trunking either as a service in its own right or at the heart of a Contact Centre or Unified Comms solution.

Sourcing your telephony from an all-encompassing provider gives you the peace of mind that you won’t face endless finger-pointing between different entities when something goes wrong.

We can also provide a choice between legacy ISDN trunks for on-prem PBXs or modern SIP trunks for cloud-based PBXs or Teams Telephony.

Benefits & Features

Single point of contact

SIP and ISDN trunks are a crucial part of any telephony system. Source everything from one supplier who can manage everything for faster, easier problem resolution.

Flexible integration

DigitalWell can integrate SIP trunks with modern cloud-based and hosted services, but can also provide ISDN for legacy telephony systems that have not yet come to the end of their useful life.

Manage Costs

As an independent telecommunications provider with its own in-house telephony platform, DigitalWell can take advantage of competitive wholesale rates from a broad range of carriers.

DigitalWell’s Voice Network Products

We remain experts in building the best Voice Network for your business, ensuring that all options are laid out so together, we find the right solution for your business.
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