Managed Firewalls & UTM

Defend against threats to network security, at multiple layers.

A managed firewall and UTM system ensures your business’ valuable network is continually kept safe.

Users, data and applications are more distributed than ever before meaning that enforcement points must evolve to keep up with them. A Unified Threat Management (UTM) system and managed firewalls use advanced monitoring, risk assessment and threat isolation to reduce security threats before they even reach your network.

For consistent levels of security controls and policies whether at home or in the office, solutions need to be deployed in a variety of formats.

Benefits & Features

First-class partners

Fortinet and Palo Alto are leading UTM vendors for ultimate cybersecurity, and we proudly partner with them to offer a Next Generation Firewall that employs multiple advanced features.

Advanced threat protection + real-time intelligence

Our threat-protection measures are regularly updated with live threat feeds from leading security vendors, and are backed-up by a cloud-based sandbox that can detonate unrecognised code in a safe environment.

SSL inspection & host intrusion prevention

Inspecting TLS/SSL traffic is vital to detect threats embedded in encrypted and unencrypted web traffic, but it can compromise performance and budget. We help to develop and manage the optimum solution for you.