Vulnerability Management

Knowing your vulnerabilities is a critical step for business security.

As networks and businesses grow, vulnerability management typically gets harder – and malicious users know this.

While a one-off scan is helpful, it does little to track the resolution of known vulnerabilities. Experts agree that at least a third of all breaches are attributable primarily to unpatched vulnerabilities, while many companies struggle to deploy patches quickly enough across their entire IT estate.

Discovering a vulnerability is only the first step. Getting visibility of how quickly these issues are being resolved is vital in order to understand your organisation’s true security posture.

Benefits & Features

Improved reporting

Integrated asset reporting for software and hardware, and improved warranty reporting is integral to understanding your security posture. With our accurate reporting, you’re able to identify the strengths and vulnerabilities and react accordingly for better protection.

One continuous view

As your business scales, vulnerability management shouldn’t be compromised. DigitalWell’s centralised, cloud-based solution with a single dashboard provides you with a continuous view of the patches installed, what’s missing and when new patches are to be installed.