Endpoint Protection

Protect your devices and stop threats entering your system and networks.

Every device is an endpoint and every endpoint is vulnerable to attack.

The growth of remote working has increased the risk presented by unprotected endpoints as we use more devices now than ever. Additional laptops, mobile phones, tablets and computers per user makes business networks more vulnerable than before.

Anything malicious that lands or is opened on these devices can make their way into your network, attacking, stealing or holding to ransom valuable data. Endpoint protection helps to reduce the risk of this happening by securing these points of entry and exit.

Benefits & Features

Secure endpoints on premise and in the cloud

No matter where your endpoints are, we will get them protected. Whether servers on-site or mobile phones and laptops at home, we ensure all are secured in the same robust way.

Quickly isolate affected endpoints

When an endpoint has been interfered with, fast action is imperative. We isolate the endpoint so any damaging effects are minimised while the rest of the business can continue running as usual.

Improved compliance

Endpoint security is a requirement in many compliance standards today. By implementing this one action, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re compliant in existing standards, and others in the future.

Real-time threat monitoring

As hackers get smarter, working in real-time to prevent attacks is key to minimising damage. Be reassured that any threats are detected in real time with DigitalWell, and not a moment after the fact.

Full endpoint lifecycle management

From the moment a new endpoint is introduced to the time that it becomes defunct, you’ll be able to monitor and manage its entire lifecycle. No more missing or unknown devices as your business grows.

Web filtering and firewalls

An important element of endpoint security is understanding what’s on the other side of your network, i.e. the internet. We employ web filtering and strong firewalls to further protect the entry point to your network.