Design with us a fully managed private network tailored to your business.

Despite the growth of internet-based alternatives like SD-WAN in recent years, there are still huge benefits to connecting all your sites to a single private network, and in some cases MPLS Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can still provide the simplest and most efficient way to achieve this.

DigitalWell MPLS VPNs use the same infrastructure as our internet services – this means that they benefit from the same range of access speeds and technologies for comprehensive connectivity.

Our MPLS VPNs also offer flexible options for internet breakout, either on a site-by-site basis or in a centralised setup providing efficiencies with hosted, network-based firewalling. Whatever you need, we are here to design the best network for your business and help you manage it afterwards.

Benefits & Features


Needs vary and often evolve. Designing and building a tailored MPLS network helps to not only serve your business today, but in the future as plans become a reality.

Flexibility & Options

Our MPLS Core Next Generation Network offers different connectivity options depending on budget, bandwidth, latency, reliability and scalability requirements – with 20 operators delivering last mile connectivity.


The Cisco Core network is based across multiple data centres in the UK and Ireland for ultimate resilience and reliability.

Proactive monitoring

Rest assured that continuous and proactive monitoring is in place from the start, so any issues are detected and remediated before they affect your network.

Fully managed

Our MPLS service is fully managed so you can leave the updates, analytics, traffic management and performance monitoring to us.