Choosing the Right CX Platform for your Contact Centre

CX technology has come a long way in recent years. If you're upgrading the CX platform in your contact centre, here's what to consider in order to get optimal benefit.

CX platform

CX technology is more advanced than ever; there’s more choice, more functionality and more business benefits to be gained than ever before. That also means there’s a lot to consider when choosing a CX platform for your organisation.

Much will depend on industry sector, company size and the type of strategy deployed in the contact centre. For these reasons, it’s crucial to get the right advice from an experienced contact centre solutions provider with the knowledge and support you need to design a CX platform that not only meets the needs of your contact centre, but that aligns with your business goals.

Here, we look at some of the considerations.


Review and define organisational needs

Start by reviewing all your needs in collaboration with other stakeholders in the business. To understand what your CX platform needs to do, it’s important to identify the outcomes you want to achieve. It’s here that a provider that offers a good consultancy service can really deliver benefits.

At DigitalWell, for instance, we’ll look at your infrastructure, your processes and your business goals and advise where you could be driving more benefits from your CX efforts. That way, you can build the right solution based on cost, functionality, scalability, integration with existing infrastructure and any additional features that may lead to general operational enhancements.


Always remember why you're upgrading your CX platform

It’s easy to forget that CX is all about the customer. And, today’s customers expect more. 95% of customers say that the quality of customer service impacts their brand loyalty. Use feedback mechanisms to discover what your customers are looking for. Then build your new CX platform based on their expectations. The latest contact centre technology gives you the power to do that, delivering an elevated customer service that gives your business the competitive edge.


Don't neglect the agent experience

Many businesses are placing an increasing focus on agent experience. Happy agents mean happy customers. Upgrading your contact centre infrastructure is the ideal time to do this. The latest CX platforms come integrated with gamification services and other apps that can help engage agents, deliver ongoing training and simplify rota scheduling.

CCaaS platforms can also be programmed to deliver self-service options that solve the most common queries, freeing up your agents to deal with more complex issues. And, of course, by delivering the right information, instantly to agents, problems that can’t be solved through self-service can be solved more quickly, leading to improved contact centre KPIs such as first call resolution.


Look at scalability and flexibility

Make sure your chosen solution is scalable enough to deal with growth in the business, or the peaks and troughs of seasonal demand. One of the greatest strengths of investing in a CCaaS platform is to scale interactions that are more difficult to manage through traditional fragmented communication channels. When choosing a CX platform, ensure it has the flexibility to grow with the business and to add new features as needed.


Security and compliance

Cyberattacks and data breaches are an increasing concern for all types of organisations, while compliance legislation is evolving all the time. Falling foul of either of these can mean huge penalties for your organisation. It’s vital to choose a contact centre solutions provider that can build in the security and compliance requirements critical to your business needs, including audits, penetration testing and data encryption.


Backup, storage and recovery

With CCaaS platforms holding so much data, it’s important that the right processes are in place for handling, storing and protecting that data. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you discuss data management policies, backup options, disaster recovery options and business continuity in the event of issues.


Cost vs ROI

While performing a CX platform upgrade might seem like a big investment, more and more businesses are seeing the contact centre as a value centre rather than a cost centre. Designed and implemented correctly, your CX platform will save the business money and deliver a return on your investment in many other ways, such as creating operational enhancements across the business.


Support and training

It’s important to choose a vendor that can create a framework of SLAs and service expectations that define criteria such as response times and performance benchmarks, along with the actions, or penalties that will take place if the CX platform fails to meet agreed standards.

Furthermore, to get the most from your chosen solution, ask about training for your staff. A good provider will ensure your people have the knowledge they need to deliver all the benefits the platform has to offer.


A CX platform made for your business

Choosing the right CX platform for your contact centre isn’t straightforward, but with the right advice, you will be able to leverage much more value from the latest CX technology. That’s why, at DigitalWell, we will take the time to understand your business, your goals, your existing infrastructure, assess your requirements, and help you make an informed decision that not only meets your business needs, but your customer expectations and your long term plans.

No matter where you are in your business journey from start-up to enterprise and beyond, we will design a solution that meets your needs – one that’s flexible enough to enable you to carve out your own unique customer experience, combining integrated contact centre solutions with additional third-party integrations you may already use within your business.

From DigitalWell 360, ideal for smaller businesses to a multifunctional Genesys Cloud platform, talk to an expert at DigitalWell for the best solution for your needs.

For more insights on how CX technology and AI is transforming the customer experience industry, download our report, “AI & CX: From Transition to Transformation“.