Contact Centre Optimisation: The Key to CX Success in 2024

As contact centre technology continues to progress and offer more opportunities for organisations, CX managers will be reviewing their strategies and examining new ways to optimise their processes for the year ahead.

CX success

The world of CX (customer experience) is undergoing rapid transformation. With AI (artificial intelligence) technology continuing to develop and offer more applications for the industry, the solutions available for those pursuing contact centre excellence have come a long way. With more opportunities for businesses to engage customers, as well as to personalise and optimise interactions at every stage of the journey, it’s an ideal time to review your contact centre strategy and fine-tune it for the coming year.

Let’s start by looking at three key trends we can expect this year and what contact centre leaders should look at to achieve CX success in 2024.


Three key CX trends for 2024

1. Optimising the value of CX

Customers are looking for more convenience, value and service than ever – and they want it in real-time. Anything you can do to deliver that, aligned with organisational goals, will demonstrate the value of your CX efforts. Look at what your competitors are doing, then sit down with your team and examine how you can deliver more for the business by deploying the latest contact centre technology to your advantage.

2. Great EX means great CX

More contact centre leaders are realising that CX success starts with looking after your employees. Contact centres can be extremely fast-paced and pressurised work environments. Burnout and high employee turnover are huge issues for managers. Providing staff with the technology, tools and support to do their job to the best of their ability can help greatly. Upgrading your connectivity infrastructure alone, can greatly boost workforce engagement. Which means less time and money spent on recruiting and onboarding, as well as happier employees that deliver better customer experiences. The latest workforce optimisation solutions for contact centres can help engage, support and make employees feel valued and rewarded.

3. Embedding joy into the customer journey

86% of buyers are willing to pay for a better customer experience, which is one reason customer-centric companies are up to 60% more profitable. 2024 will be all about making the customer journey as easy and frictionless as possible. Look at every interaction and touchpoint – ask how you and your team can make it as seamless and easy for customers. This will be a critical competitive differentiator in 2024. Again, the key to achieving that will be having the right technology in place.


Optimise for CX success

A well-planned optimisation strategy will help you address these trends and achieve CX success. For those willing to invest in latest CX solutions, the outcomes will be improved customer satisfaction, lower costs, increased loyalty and higher levels of productivity and revenue.

Audit your CX operations

It’s important to analyse all the performance metrics in your operations to ensure they are fully resourced and targeted for CX success in the year ahead. If customer satisfaction scores are declining in some areas then that’s an indication that a reassessment and adjustments are required. Review all touchpoints and channels to identify any areas of friction and opportunities to do more with the latest contact centre solutions to make your entire CX operation work seamlessly together.

Find opportunities to lower operational costs

The latest CX solutions can reduce operational costs. While investing in new technology and training agents comes with an initial outlay, if planned and implemented correctly, operational costs will be reduced through the introduction of efficiencies, such as the elimination of manual repetitive tasks. At DigitalWell, we have designed our consultancy service to ensure you get the optimal return from your investment.

Gain valuable insights

One of the key factors in contact centre optimisation is data. Measuring KPIs and other metrics can help when it comes to decision making – especially when it comes to gaining valuable insights into the customer journey and sentiment. All of this is useful for general operational excellence, from hiring staff and fine-tuning the technology to carrying out A/B testing. This is one area where a customised contact centre solution integrated with AI can really make a huge difference to CX success.

In this article, we’ve looked at the strategies for optimising your CX operations, in a coming blog, we will look at the tools that can help you achieve these objectives.

In the meantime, to discuss our advanced CX and contact centre solutions and how we can advise and implement them in a way that suits your organisation best, contact an expert at DigitalWell.

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