Voice Communication Solutions: Designed for Better Business

The latest voice communication solutions for business now come with more power, functionality and flexibility.

voice communication solutions

Voice communication technology has come a long way in recent years. As countries begin to switch off copper-based, analogue, PSTN networks, VoIP technology is becoming the prevalent voice solution for all sorts of businesses. And this technology too, is still progressing, offering businesses innovative ways to leverage new efficiencies and applications through the latest voice communication solutions.

In 2024, we are seeing the telecom industry transform, as the sector adapts based on technological innovation and business needs. Here, we’ll look at some of the trends shaping a new era in advanced voice communication solutions:


Voice communication solutions in the cloud

The move to cloud-based voice communication continues to grow apace, as more businesses see the benefits in terms of scalability, agility and cost savings. The market is expected to reach a value of $51.5 billion by 2032, as the PSTN switch off accelerates the migration. With many organisations already hosting much of their infrastructure, data and services in the cloud, it makes sense that their communication stack is there too.


Consolidation and integration

With the end of PSTN networks, those businesses that haven’t already embraced digital voice technologies such as VoIP and SIP will have to make the leap. However, many are also seeing this an opportunity to migrate to advanced voice communication solutions such as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS).

These markets are growing and becoming competitive. Operators are attempting to differentiate their offerings from their rivals through added value services, such as advanced analytics, AI applications and integrations with other tech infrastructure. Reducing silos and ensuring seamless connections between all the components of an organisation’s tech stack is viewed as key to workplace efficiency.


Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the contact centre

AI is already transforming the telecoms industry with new capabilities, products and services, as well as being deployed in fault detection, resolution, and fraud prevention. However, its biggest impact is being felt in the contact centre where it is adding new functionalities such as intelligent call routing, sentiment analysis and voice transcription/translation. It’s also enhancing customer services through chatbots. For businesses, AI can collate important information from calls to draw valuable insights from voice data to assist with decision-making.

The latest contact centre technologies are becoming better at helping customers help themselves. Whether it’s managing a subscription or troubleshooting technical issues, customers can resolve their issues by making a phone call – without interacting with a human – unless of course that’s needed – in which case AI routing technology takes over to make sure the query is escalated to the best agent for the job.


5G gets better

5G has not just been a step forward for connectivity, it has been vital in boosting data availability for businesses. With the addition of 5G mmWave spectrum, there will be marked improvements over current bandwidths, including greater stability and faster download speeds supporting ultra-high definition video streaming and the large data transfers required for cloud computing, real-time analytics and edge computing. Businesses can expect enhanced VoIP connectivity for improved call clarity and reliability, facilitating remote and in-the-field communication.


Voice is as important as ever

Advances in VoIP and voice technology are giving businesses the opportunity to review their voice infrastructure and see what efficiencies they can gain through upgrading their systems to the latest voice communication solutions. For those that looking to invest in the newest technology, the result will be new efficiencies and improved competitiveness.

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