DigitalWell Connects Insomnia’s 76 locations Across Ireland and the UK

The solution has improved customer experience in-store with high-speed WiFi for customers and eliminated Insomnia’s connectivity issues

Dublin, 13th April 2022

DigitalWell, Europe’s leading dedicated business communications and managed IT solutions provider, today announces that it has delivered robust connectivity to Insomnia, Ireland’s leading independent coffee shop chain and the 15th largest in Europe. Insomnia have invested almost a quarter of a million euros to ensure connectivity to their 76 coffee shops, more than 500 employees and customers across Ireland and Great Britain.

Following extensive site assessments, DigitalWell designed a bespoke solution which has almost entirely eradicated connectivity issues for Insomnia, with any remaining issues easily mitigated. The system can withstand any fixed-line interruptions and provides automated backup in case of an outage or failure, meaning minimal downtime for the business.

The solution has improved customer experience in-store with high-speed WiFi for customers and more reliable card payments and loyalty transactions. The next phase of the project will see the introduction of more connected services to Insomnia, including telemetry and digital displays.

DigitalWell installed Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) and new routers in each location to ensure the fastest available broadband connection and better employee access to Insomnia’s cloud-based services including till systems, card payments, loyalty platforms and head office resources. High-speed mobile connectivity has also been rolled out across all stores ensuring risks of downtime are significantly reduced.

“Great coffee must be matched with great internet. Today, connectivity is absolutely core to our ability to give customers what they want. We needed a secure, stable and high-quality connection that would not only ensure our business could continue uninterrupted, but underpin growth and business success.”

“With DigitalWell’s solution, connectivity issues are becoming a thing of the past. Even when issues flare up, these are easily remedied with minimal downtime. We had been seeing a heightened demand for quality connectivity based on both customer expectation and increases in the number of connected services. Customers can now enjoy an improved experience in our stores, with fast, seamless payments and reliable Wi-Fi, while staff also benefit from improved access to the company’s cloud resources.”

“We are confident this system will meet our business needs as they continue to evolve. It will support our exciting plans for the next chapter in our increasingly digital business.”

Conor Ward, Head of IT, Insomnia

“We were thrilled to be chosen to work with Insomnia on this exciting project. Things are becoming increasingly connected and reliable networks have never been more important, especially for a customer-facing business such as Insomnia. This project was undertaken and carried out with the needs of customers and employees at the core.”

“The scalable solution will grow in line with the company’s requirements, and with the very latest connectivity technology, Welltel has futureproofed Insomnia’s systems and is enabling success in a cloud-based world.”

“We’re looking forward to working with Insomnia on the next phase of the project and continuing to build on our valuable relationship.”

Dan Croke, Account Director and Solutions Principle, DigitalWell

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